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• One size heatless, less-mess, reusable Castor Oil Hair Wrap. Designed by a naturopathic doctor, the
Hair Wrap is made with an inner 100% organic cotton layer, an outer less-mess layer of polypropylene,
and wooden buttons to easily adjust the fit.

• The Castor Oil Hair Wrap paired with Castor Oil (sold separately) feels like a nourishing, hydrating
hot oil treatment, but without adding any heat. Bring the spa self-care experience home and support
silky, soft hair without all the chemicals!

• Good for all hair types. Can be used with long, short, average, thin, or thick hair. One size fits most
head shapes and hair types.

• Castor Oil (sold separately) is thought to support circulation to hair follicles, supporting thickness,
shine and texture, and helps moisturize and hydrate the scalp

• Castor Oil sold separately.